Question: Where To Buy Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit?

How much does a belly cast cost?

How much does a Belly Cast cost? Belly Cast starts $95 and up. Frames for regular cast start at $150.00 and up. Marble Belly Cast starts $330.00 and up.

Where can I get a belly cast?

Hang your belly cast in your baby’s’ nursery! Have it decorated to match the theme. Hang it in your own bedroom, or even in a prominent location in your home for all to see. Display it in your home office, on a shelf, or just keep it in a safe space where you can come and admire it any time you like.

When should you get a belly cast when pregnant?

When is the best time to have a belly cast made? We recommend having it made between 34 – 36 weeks of pregnancy. By this point in your pregnancy you will have a very pregnant buddha belly. Don’t wait too late because sometimes babies arrive earlier than expected!

What is the point of a belly cast?

A belly cast is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman’s pregnant abdomen as a keepsake of her pregnancy.

What happens if you accidentally sleep on your back while pregnant?

Late in pregnancy, when a woman lies on her back or her right side, the unusually heavy weight of uterus can compress this vein, reducing blood flow to the fetus. Researchers believe the reduction of blood flow to the fetus, if sufficiently severe and prolonged, may lead to fetal death.

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How do you frame a belly cast?

According to, the best way to put holes in the belly cast is to use a power drill with a small drill bit. Do this carefully, not applying too much pressure to the cast when you make the holes. If you want to decorate the belly cast, drill the holes beforehand.

Can you do a belly cast by yourself?

While previously popular as a professional service, belly casting now has become a do-it-yourself home project. There are dozens of companies offering home casting kits, but the materials are also easy to locate individually.

Can you spray paint belly cast?

Spray the painted belly cast with a spray varnish to protect the surface and give it a satin or glossy finish. Allow the varnish to dry completely. Display the belly cast as a part of the nursery decor.

Can pushing on belly hurt baby?

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry every time you bump your tummy; even a front-forward fall or a kick from your toddler is unlikely to hurt your baby-to-be.

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